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Your teacher:

Dorte Palle

Podcast and media expert

Independent producer, consultant and author of "The Podcast Book".

She has several years of experience as a radio host, producer, and manager in the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

"The Podcast Book"

Teaching material

In this book Dorte Palle and Torn Arnbjørn demonstrate how you turn a loose idea into a full-fledged podcast. They shine a light on all the angles that there are in podcast production: Different genres, being a good host, how to use your voice and write a good speak, interviews, how to develop your ideas and concepts as well as financing.

Your course:


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Our courses


Nordic Podcast Academy offers three different courses, one in English and two in Danish. Three different courses, both in English and in Danish. The courses are for everyone who is interested in learning how to make, or to get better in making, podcasts.

Podcast Camp

Diploma graduate course

This course is for professionals who want to work with podcasts or have a plan to produce their own - e.g. for media, a customer, for teaching or publishing.


Uge 10: 7. - 11. marts 2022

Podcast Camp

Our course for Danish talent. Students are carefully selected based on applications and will consist of the best applicants. Maybe you're the talent we are looking for?


Podcast Camp

Podcast Production Course

Join other podcast enthusiasts from Northern Europe on this three-day podcast course with two of the best podcast trainers in Denmark, Dorte Palle og Tor Arnbjørn.


Podcast Camp

Doktor Podcast

Er din podcast blevet syg? Barsler du med en ny podcast-baby?  Eller har du bare brug for et check-up? Om du er førstegangspodcaster eller mere erfaren. Om du har lyst til at videreudvikle dit koncept eller måske skifte genre - så kan det være rigtig givende at få sparring og feedback med et podcasttjek.


Podcast Camp


Nordic Podcast Conferences talk er blevet optaget og klippet sammen, så du let kan lytte med når nogle af Danmarks og udenlandets bedste lydproducenter reflekterer over hvad lyd egentlig kan og vil i verden.


Podcast Workshop

in Copenhagen

Six Thursdays between 16.30 and 19:00. Dates below.

At Rakkerpak Productions, Vestergade 20b, Copenhagen.


Nordic Podcast Academy invites you to a new course consisting of smaller workshops in Copenhagen. At the workshop, you will gain knowledge and inspiration to start a podcast or further develop your own ideas. You will learn to understand the mechanisms of a good production, and how to develop a distinctive concept with great impact that suits your target audience. We will show you how to be a good host through script, speak, language and voice, and help you with marketing and distribution.

Your teahers are Tor Arnbjørn and Dorte Palle, founders of the Nordic Podcast Academy and authors of "the Podcast Book", former executives at DR (the danish national radio) with many award-winning broadcasts behind them. A sound designer and guest lecturers are attached to the workshop.

For more information about workshops, please contact course leader Dorte Palle at

or tel. 53680969.

  • May 20th - Genres and program types - how to develop the good podcast idea and the distinctive concept

  • May 27th- Telling with audio - how to record and edit reportage

  • June 3rd - Speak, language and voice - how to develop your hosting and strengthen the connection to the listener

  • June 10th- Interview - how to prepare and perform the good interview in sound

  • June 17th - Dramaturgy - how to build an exciting story?

  • June 24th - Distribution and marketing - how do you get your podcast out with great impact, and how do you get it funded? End with listening cinema

25-27 marts 2020

Price: 4500 DKK + VAT

1-4 april 2020

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