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 Nordic Podcast Academy is founded by the Danish School of   Media and Journalism, Sound Hub Denmark, The City of   Sound, and the teachers Dorte Palle and Tor Arnbjørn. 

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Nordic Podcast Academy wants to be the leading place for education in the field of podcasting in the Nordic countries, providing the best teachers, activities, and facilities for podcast courses targeting people on different levels of experience and knowledge.

Podcasting is an international type of content, and with a Nordic profile the goal is that the Nordic Podcast Academy will become a centre of education directed at participants from the entire Nordic region as well as having broader international relations.

With the placement in Struer, the Nordic Podcast Academy will become part of an already internationally minded environment regarding development of sound products. This, more specifically, takes place at Sound Hub Denmark in  Struer where sound is the centre of attention, and where startups and older companies are working with revolutionary speaker technology, sound experiences and business development. At the same place Nordic Podcast Academy also gains access to an environment focusing on sound art in the so-called Sound Art Lab.

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