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April 19th to 23rd 2021

Maybe you're the talent that we're looking for?


At Nordic Podcast Academy's Podcast Camp you'll get an intense introduction to what sound really is - and how to record it. From there, we move on to concept development of the podcasts or of the story you want to tell and publish.

As you start recording, you'll learn the importance of sound in a narrative, and we'll practice interview techniques- while you're doing it.

As we constantly alternate between classes and your work on your podcast, you'll learn about the hosts various roles and develop your speaking voice, editing skills, storytelling techniques, dramaturgy as well as interview techniques.

The Podcast Camp ends with a "radio cinema", where we'll listen and feedback each others' productions.


Meet your teachers at Podcast Camp


Dorte Palle is an expert in the podcast field. Together with Tor Arnbjørn she has written "the Podcast Book", which you will get at the camp. The book is based on her more than twenty years of experience of working with sound. 


Dorte has hosted several popular danish radio shows. She has produced documentaries, features, reports and montages on both radio and TV. She has been the editorial director of magazine programs such as 'Klubværelset' and 'Agenda' and podcast series such 'Nattens Dronning' og 'Selvmordstanker'


In addition, she holds a master's degree from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, where she naturally wrote a thesis on podcasts and how to make her passion profitable.

With Dorte Palle as the primary teacher at Nordic Podcast Academy’s Talent Camp, you can be sure to develop your podcast skills.

Tanja Kjeldgaard is a journalist, podcaster and producer who loves to tell stories- often through exposing herself. Tanja loves to tell big stories from a personal point of view, and is experienced in radio reporting, podcast concept development and communicating complex issues in creative ways.



Jesper Lundager is in charge of and technical aspects of the course, including podcast editing and usage of recording equipment. Jesper is a qualified sound designer and has produced sound and music for various things – including music for radio programs at DR (the national radio) as well as composing music and creating sounds for computer games. He also has a background in teaching. This, combined with his calm demeanor, ensures the inclusion of even the most technologically impaired people.

The Podcast Academy has a small array of microphones and recorders at its disposal, so you’ll be able to try out new equipment, even if you bring your own!

For whom?

The course is relevant for students or recent graduates. It is also relevant freelancers or job seekers. In fact, it's relevant for anyone who has a podcasting ambition - maybe you've worked on it before, but want to improve your skills?



The next course is from April 19th to 23rd 2021

Application deadline is March 20th - we'll get back to you immediately thereafter.




The participants live at Struer Højskole (Struer Folk High School) and the price is DKK 3,500-

It includes everything (accommodation, catering and tuition).


See the attached schedule, which is only a preliminary plan.

 Register now for the upcoming course from April 19th to 23rd 2021


Nordic Podcast Academy is a newly started academy located in Struer, the City of Sound. Behind the academy are the Danish School of Media and Journalism, Sound Hub Denmark, the City of Sound workshop and the teachers Dorte Palle and Tor Arnbjørn.

With the placement in Struer, the Nordic Podcast Academy becomes part of an already international development and sound environment around Sound Hub Denmark, where sound is at the center, and where we work with innovative speaker technology, sound experiences and business development - among other things. A production environment for sound artists will be available around the Sound Art Lab, right next door to Sound Hub Denmark.

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You are always welcome to contact us for more info:

You can reach NPA coordinator/teacher Jesper Lundager at 22 52 56 90 or course leader Dorte Palle on 53 68 09 69

 Register now for the upcoming course from April 19th to 23rd 2021




T: 22 52 56 90


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